Song Writing Lessons

Song Writing

Having written literally hundreds of songs since I was a child, and having had those songs played by various bands and aired on TV shows, etc., I have found song writing to be one the most personally rewarding areas in music. I have also found it equally rewarding to assist and work together with my students on their songs.

I use various techniques to help with the craft of song writing including ghost song writing which involves using a template song for a new song that we slowly replace with our own original material.

We pay close attention to lyric writing, song forms, melodic invention, and the function of the melody & lyrics within those forms. Also we look at options for harmonisation in terms of chords, and the musical arrangement.

Once the song is ready we can discuss its production in terms of sonic direction and market and take the song from the acoustic version to a fully produced recorded version. I can also assist in getting the song into the marketplace. I teach as we produce and engineer it together making it a truly collabarative and educational experience.

Song writing is usually studied in conjunction with an instrument or singing in order to gain a strong musical background however this is not essential.

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