Keyboard Lessons

Keyboard skills are most useful if not essential for every musician.

Have you ever considered why so many singer-songwriters often play both guitar and keyboards? Because they are the only two instruments on which you can play chords! They lend themselves to composition so readily as well as accompanying singing. A piano keyboard is also the main input device when using music software such as a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

I offer keyboard skills to supplement guitar and composition studies. Theory is also often demonstrated on the keyboard as it is in many ways more visual than the guitar and assists in understanding. In addition, some basic keyboard skills are essential for most tertiary entrance examinations.

Keyboard lessons can be in any style of the students’ choosing, including pop, rock ,soul, R&B, jazz, and blues. I also offer classical piano lessons, inlcuding the option to follow the AMEB system. Click here for details about AMEB examinations.

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